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Post by Paul2CV on Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:13 am

Hi Forum,

Looking back...

I posted the post below after a family trip to CV in 2008. I just re-read it and am amazed at how it still captures my feelings. This Forum has a heart for those "outside looking in" as well as locals. To those "outside looking in" and to residents, do you find these reflections from 2008 accurate from your own experience? What would you add or challenge? I think this is a timely topic in the summer because many folks might come to the Village to check out those lots that they bought on ebay or even do a little house shopping. We want to be of help.


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Post by Paul2CV on Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:00 pm

Hi Forum,

Like many non-locals, I came to the world of CV through the purchase of an ebay lot. Buying lots on ebay is a worthy discussion in itself, but let it be enough to say here that if you do I would recommend only dealing with ALC (American Land Company.) They are local and 100% reliable. I have purchased from them, and could not be happier. They have 100% positive feedback. Enough said. Now Reality and Fantasy and Cherokee Village.

When I bought my first lot, the fantasy was a big part. I desperately wanted to find a place that I could afford with nature and golf and pool and amenities. I also needed taxes and real estate costs that I could actually afford. In other words, with my fantasy of sweet living I needed reality as well. Mostly, I also wanted accepting and friendly people and a different environment in terms of the spirit of the place.

I received each and everyone of these things in reality. In fact, it was and has become more than I thought. So what went along with it that I may not have imagined?

I just got back from CV to my home turf. Right now I am at a well-know Northeast shore area. By no means is it considered hugely "upscale" but still you can't believe what you will pay for houses that are modest to say the least -- and taxes. There are houses not on the water that are under 800 square feet "ranch-style" that are well over $350,000. Things at or near the water, forget about it. Like CV, the "modest" houses reflect the development of the area. It was largely a sleepy shore place with modest -- even unwinterized homes -- the now 350000 ones! Many show their age now from the 1960s. Many places are piled next to each other on postage stamp size lots. Even if you leave the shore area to towns outside, you will be lucky to hit a ranch house for less than 250000. Traffic is awful, the feel in the area is aggressive, and the taxes are unbelievable. There are also many "rough areas", beat-up old motels. Etc.

Now that's reality too. One question: To what are you comparing CV and what are you getting and what does it cost you?

Are there some beat-up areas in the Village? Yes. But I see them here too. Is there poverty surrounding parts of the Village and the area? Yes, in some parts -- and also just like this resort area as well. Is there some crime? Yes, just like this area. But in every case, CV offers more of a return in quality of life per dollar and a genuineness to the people that I wouldn't trade for anything that I could actually afford elsewhere.

There are homes in CV that more than rival what I see around here that cost 500,000 plus in this shore area. There is an overwhelming sense in CV of good order and home condition with but a few pockets of exception due to age and rental or other factors. But that is equally so here. When you actually settle into life in CV, you will be amazed by the feel and goodness of the people with whom you actually have contact. We spoke as a family of the good manners of AR and CV people all the way to the shore. Is shopping an issue in the CV area? Yes, to some extent. But are endless strip malls and traffic an issue that you get around here? You bet.

So what do you want? You need to come to CV and settle in long enough to "feel" the pulse of the place. You will also need to say, "Compared to what?"Think about it honestly. Compare CV and what it has to offer and its value to any other place you can actually afford. It will win hands down. That's my first set of thoughts which I hope is helpful.

To be continued....

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