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Library Plan

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Library Plan Empty Re: Library Plan

Post by Paul2CV Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:16 pm


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The ability to have a safe haven for kids to study is no small thing in this area. It could also be a site for tutoring as well as clubs and community groups. The electronics and media have made things fast and simple. But they also lack something. A book and a library have a reality that a bunch of pixels on a screen never can...


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Library Plan Empty Re: Library Plan

Post by CVSam Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:25 pm

I agree with both Paul and Trout and it is possible to have both services. I moved here from a small town where the library was a part of the Central Arkansas Library System. I had a library to visit and could also check out books on my Kindle from any location. This is so convenient and there is a hugh number of books to choose from. However, because Sharp county libraries aren't a part of this system, I will not be able to renew my membership once it expires.

I do think there is a need for a public library location for the reasons Paul stated. But I also enjoy sitting in my home or travelling and checking out a book on my Kindle. Especially in this area, the convenience of being able to check out a book without driving to Hardy or AshFlat would be a very welcome service for many.


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Library Plan Empty Re: Library Plan

Post by Paul2CV Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:05 pm

Hi trout,

You make important points. The point about a Library is that it is more than just about the books. The Library in a community becomes a community center, a place where kids from dysfunctional homes can get their homework done, literacy and community meetings can occur, clubs meet, etc. I do think that would be worthwhile if the costs were under control and the grants available. It is sad that by the time we pay for the jails we need there's not much left over for the law abiding.


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Library Plan Empty Re: Library Plan

Post by trout Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:19 am

Two items to review. One what population growth are they talking about? They need to review the 2010 census that shows little growth for the area.

Item two. Books are a thing of the past (sad to say) they should use their funding in Ebooks and Ereads. It is the future and kids today will soon carry them home each day instead of all the school books they have now. It will be more cost efficient and help the envirnoment also.

My wife loves her Kindle and Ebooks are much cheaper than the real thing. Also magazines, papers are also available for Eread devices.


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Library Plan Empty Library Plan

Post by Paul2CV Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:20 pm

Hi Forum,

There seems to be some wind behind the Ash Flats Library movement. Here is an article:

City approves funding to open AF library

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Tammy Curtis, Staff Writer

As the Ash Flat Library inches closer to completion, Norwin Green, who
serves on the library commitee, spoke to the Ash Flat City council on
May 21 about needs of the library and its governance.
Green explained the board has encountered disagreements with the Sharp
County Library Board, and discussed the advantages to becoming a city
library, as opposed to a county one.

The city obtained grants to re-model the former fire department
headquarters after Mayor Danny Traw gifted the building for use as a
library. The facility is completed and only lacking furnishings and

Green told council he has received a tremendous amount of support from
the state library, and has run into several obstacles with the county
board. Among the concerns Green cited is the county board would force
the library to stay with an obsolete card catalog system rather than a
modern electronic version. It would only allow $40,000 per year for
books, which average $27 per book. This means the library would only
receive 1,500 books per year. Green explained he has already obtained a
donation of over 200,000 new books that will be delivered to the city
free of charge.

In addition, if the county were to run the library, it would take over a
year before they receive their books, as all books would have to be
processed at the Batesville library before being inventoried at Ash

Green also told council he had an experienced librarian who has agreed
to volunteer to help set up the library the way it is supposed to be.
He explained to the council, he and the commitee, along with the Friends
of the Library group would continue continue to work on the library for
an additional six months, if the city would help with the cost of set
up, including internet service, office supplies and some furnishings.
Green proposed that the city hire a librarian and appoint a 5-7 person
board to make it a city library. Council members appeard to support the
city library proposal, but wer unsure whether the city could afford a

Council voted to expend up to $5,000 to get the library up and running.
It will later decide who would run the facility. The appropriation
would also pay for bar coding the books and printers.

Members of council, including Sue Ross and Jerrell Lesley, discussed
the advantages of the electronic system over the card catalog. Others
said many young people have never encountered the older systems. Green
said members of the library group have visited surrounding libraries,
and the ones in Sharp County are the only libraries that still utilize
the card catalog system of locating books.

Other concerns the group had with the library being run by the county
included the hours the library would be open. The county board will only
allow the library to be open for 21 hours a week. Green explained
limited hours do not work well college students and others who need the
library available to them when they are off work and on weekends. The
county board will not allow the library to operate unless a licensed
librarian is present, if the city opts for a city library, volunteers
can be used -- that is not allowed by the county board unless a paid
clerk is present.

With a growing population in the area and numerous college students who
need a library for research and internet access, Green said it just
makes sense.  Also, with the slow economy, many can not afford Internet
access, which the library will provide.

Many times, electronic medium, periodicals and movies are checked out
from libraries more than books.The Sharp County Library Board tracks the
number of books checked out and, in past meetings, has used book check
out numbers as a basis to limit the hours of operation.

Members of council agreed and Ross said, "This was our orignal plan, to get a library everyone could use when they needed it."

Green said representatives of the state library were pleased with the
progress and said it is well on the way to becoming a state of the art

In other business, council went into executive session to discuss
employment. The City of Ash Flat, hired Wendall Lane to work for the
police department part time, and promoted Steve Powell and Dan Fry to
Sergeants, with no increase in pay.

Prior to adjournment, Alderman Jerrell Lesley announced his resignation,
citing relocation as the reason. "It has been a great honor serving on
this council. It is with great regret that I must announce this. I no
longer live in my Ward. It has always been my personal goal to make the
best decisions possible for the city."

The Ash Flat City Council meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30
p.m. at Ash Flat City Hall. The public is always welcome to attend.

© Copyright 2012, Area Wide News
Story URL:


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Library Plan Empty Re: Library Plan

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