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City Work

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 City Work  Empty Re: City Work

Post by mike Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:38 am

I actually agree with you Paul. That isn't much money to work with, but I will say this. This is controversial but it can't be denied. After 9/11, municipalities across the US went hog wild on spending to upgrade the police and fire in their communities. Nothing wrong with that, as there was obviously needed improvements in many areas and those areas need to stay current and ready to act when called. Many were falling behind with old equipment and not enough, etc. Again, no problem there.

But...... many places went completely overboard big time thinking they were larger and more important areas than they really were and they had to be prepared for all hell to break loose, when in reality, the odds of hell breaking loose with a terrorist attack in Pigs Knuckle Montana are so low, that is where I believe we threw big money down the drain collectively as a nation. We were scared and those who wanted bigger budgets gave the scare tactics to the taxpayers and we bought it hook line and sinker. I remember once at a cocktail party expressing that view during all this was going on and it ended up being not a popular view. Well in hindsight I was right on the money. For example, CV does not need a 50 man Swat team just in case.... It is ridiculous and overkill. I'm exaggerating but you get the point.

Now all these years later and these municipalities don't have the money anymore for these over the top expenses and the taxpayers are getting shafted for it. So if CV is trying to get only what we need and no more, then that is something I'm all for. What I don't want is all this extra equipment and manpower that may be needed to be used in CV's one in a million chance of CV getting a massive tornado, getting attacked by terrorists, and getting held hostage by a serial mass murderer all in the same day. There are politicians who will try to convince you of that and they need to go away fast. It won't happen and don't spend money on stuff that we don't need, period. Cv is not Jonesboro, Jonesboro is not Little Rock, and Little Rock is not NYC.. It's just scare tactics and it is totally wasteful.


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 City Work  Empty City Work

Post by Paul2CV Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:37 pm

Hi Forum,

When I read in the June 16th Spring River Chronicle article the work accomplished on such a lean budget it amazes me. Consider this one example from the news report:

"The C.V. Fire Department has 15 firemen and a $75,000 operating budget to manage four locations (Basehart, Omaha, Onaga and Navajo), five fire trucks and two rescue trucks. All of the firemen are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs.) "

That's absolutely amazing for the money!!!


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